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Welcome to the Kootenay Community Resource Directory (KCRD)!

The purpose of KCRD is to provide an on-line directory of community programs and organizations, as well as how to access them. These programs and organizations range from large government programs to non-profit charities to small self-help groups. Access to the rich and broad range of resources available through this directory helps people benefit from the caring and supportive community of Nelson and the Kootenays.
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The KCRD provides information to those who are isolated or unaware of available community support. Information in the directory is updated and maintained by you, the user. Nonetheless, a resource directory is a passive mechanism and community members with a relevant organization need to contribute to it in order for it to realize its potential.
Use the KCRD creatively; circulate it throughout the community, and share it with those who are isolated or unable to reach out. We strongly urge people to use and share this directory with this philosophy in mind. The KCRD is set up to be administered by the users through a series of forms (see How to use the KCRD).
The KCRD lists organizations, groups, programs that are non-profit and providing a direct service to the public or a proprietary agency providing a parallel service. We are grateful to all these organizations, groups and agencies which have already provided us with their information.
The KCRD currently holds 469 listings in 45 categories.
The KCRD covers the land west from the Alberta Rockies, north from America, east from the Okanagan and south from the High Country and Wells Gray Park. These areas are known as: East Kootenays, West Kootenays, and the Boundary Region.

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